Come along on a trip with these people

We love to go on trips and have fun. The mood stays good only if your company is good, so today I am going to tell you about the kind of friends you would definitely have with you on these lovely, mind refreshing trips. What fun is a trip with no one to share the fun?

the author of the group
The Author of the Group
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The Author of the Group

  • This guy is basically the one who plans the whole trip. He is the most excited person for the trip and would also talk to your parents if they don’t allow. This guy would have the list of places one can visit, and the amount of money required and how would you reach the place. This guy is always ready. If I had this guy in my life, I would have been able to go on more trips.

“Oye kahi gumne chale?”
Author “Haan- Haan kaha jana hai? Shimla, Nahan, Manali? Tu bata bas, sara already planned hai”

The Silver spoon Guy on the Trip
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The Silver Spoon Guy

  • This guy is like the godfather to all those people who actually cannot afford to go on a trip, but then again they want to be there with you. He can afford the trip for many people.

“Bhai trip pe jana hai but paise nahi hai”
Silverspoon guy “Chill bro, mere pass hai. Tu bas bag pack karle”

The over packer on the trip
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The Over Packer

  • This person does not really understand the concept of packing light, they want to take away everything as if it’s their last journey. But sadly this person always forgets the important stuff like towels, shampoos, and daily needed stuff. And you can find them asking for it from everyone.

“Bhai shampoo hai, I forgot mine”
“Bhai underwear hai? I forgot mine”

The Lazy Bum on the Trip!
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The Lazy Bum

  • This guy never wanted to come on the trip in the first place. They would love to enjoy their cosy time alone in their room, but they came only because they thought it was fun and they won’t have anyone bothering them.

“Yaar wapas chale?”
“Yaar mein room mein ja raha hun, i dont want to do all this adventurous stuff”

Well, I really hope you loved reading this article and if you have not gone on a trip yet with your friends then you should soon. Because this is the time to have fun, so start today. And incase you want to read more about Travel blogs you can check them out here!