The truth about “Is a vegan diet healthy?”

Being vegan is a lifestyle

What if I said that a 3 year old boy who’s followed veganism ever since he began to understand the diet. It is one of the fittest and successful man on the planet today.  What if I said that one of the most influential and greatest leader that ever lived had started following veganism in his early life. Is that really possible? Can a vegan diet be healthy? Can a purely plant based diet qualify the Darwanian theory of “survival of the fittest” ?

The answer to all the above and a hundred more puzzles is a big yes. While keeping aside the fact that veganism is an absolutely strict diet to follow, vegans all over the world have a positive feedback and are cherishing their decision to turn into a vegan. Veganism is a practice of completely refraining oneself. To consume any type of animal product, it’s a purely plant based diet. While vegetarians still consume dairy products, vegans strictly restrict themselves to consume any kind of dairy products. At the same time, there are certain disadvantages of a purely plant based diet as they lack certain vitamins and proteins. Which are usually high in animal based products. To suffice the vitamins and other required nutrients, one must take multivitamins and other dietary supplements to have a balance of all the nutrients.

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Being a vegan is a very personal and a conscious decision that one makes with various reasons in their gut. Some being ethical while the other being medical. Irrespective of the physical benefits of a vegan diet, people have claimed being at peace and have attained a mental sanity. Ever since they’ve transformed themselves into vegans. 

“I’m a firm believer in eating a full plant based diet that can expand your life length and make you an all round happier person” said Ariana Grande.

There are various campaigns across the globe that made waves all over the world and by consequence. The rate of people following veganism is increasing every year. Although a vegan diet does not fully guarantee a healthy life. One must make changes in their lifestyle in the amount of fats they consume along with being vegan. Switching to veganism comes with terms and conditions. That there are several other habits that one must add to their lifestyle. Which mainly include regular workouts and a comparatively less usage of oils and fats.

To be more specific and precise, veganism is not just about food and diet. It includes the littlest of details of one’s life. Right from the dressing to cosmetics. To everything that is derived from animal or animal products that one uses on a daily basis. Veganism isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

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While we have understood what veganism means so far. Let’s get back to the puzzles in the beginning of the article. Yes, a vegan diet is healthy when followed with utmost care. Yes, a completely plant based diet qualifies the Darwanian theory. After all, it’s the Survival of the fittest.

Before we close the curtains. The 3 year old boy who’s switched to veganism and following it ardently ever since is none other than our very own joker, Joaquin Phoenix. And the greatest leader of all time, who followed a vegan lifestyle for the major part of his life is the mighty Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.

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