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Why should one visit Southeast Asia?

For the frequent travellers who want to travel but don’t really know where to go next. And for the newbie travellers who are looking for where to start. Southeast Asia is my answer. Why? The beauty you would find in Southeast Asia would blow your mind away and you would find yourself slowly falling in love with the culture and the aura of the places. Do you want to fall in love? Then visit these places in your next travel journey:


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Vietnam doesn’t only export rice to the whole world, they have so many beautiful places you can visit and explore on your own. From rich tea estates to amazing tailors to picture worth spots around the whole country. You could visit the Silk Marina Resort and Spa if you are looking for a relaxing place. This spa is located in Hoi An which is an ancient town in Vietnam.


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Dominated with Buddhist temples this place is a bliss for Travelers. If you follow Buddhism then you should visit this place for the cultural aspect of the society. And if you are a traveller then you should visit it for its River Plains and also for its monasteries. It is an amazing combination of surreal beauty and religion coming together. Places to stay in Myanmar for a little luxury Ananta Bagan and if you want something in the cheaper price then go for New Wave Guesthouse.


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Thailand is very popular for its nightlife and laidback, carefree attitude among the citizens. The place Chiang Mai is known as the Rose of the North. The weather of Thailand is one to praise as it is great throughout the year. The nightlife comes later on which consists of Theaters, Clubs, Pubs, After Dark Shopping. Thailand also has huge national parks, beaches and mountainous terrains, which just gives us more wildlife.


Indonesia happens to be the land of Volcanoes in Asia. Bali is famous in Indonesia, due to it being a huge tourist destination and also Honeymoon destination. But other than Bali, Indonesia has a rich culture, diversity, artworks and beautiful temples. Ubud which is a town in central Bali is known as the Center of Art of Culture, and if you are visiting this place, you can stay at Alaya Resort Heritage Ubud. This place happens to be very cheap and would be best if you are travelling on a budget. When you are visiting Indonesia, plan it according to the Kite Festival, as it happens to be the best festival in Indonesia and you would have a great time.


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If you love nature or just have an adventurous spirit then Laos would be a lovely place for you to visit. You can trek through the mountains, cycle along the roads and even kayak down the river when you are visiting Laos. The people of Laos are very warm and you would not have trouble becoming one with them. If you are looking for a place to stay near the Khan River then you should definitely try out The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel. If you are travelling on a budget then you should try out Thongbay Guesthouse. Visit Laos to experience the rich heritage and for the thrill.

Well these places are the reason why you should visit Southeast Asia, to experience these places and to understand different cultures living in Harmony is why you should visit Southeast Asia. What are you waiting for? Get these places added to your Bucketlist right now.

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