Tirupati: Trip to the Holy Land of Lord Balaji

In the chilling afternoon in the month of January, I was sitting in my office as usual with the lingering thoughts in my mind. It was my usual way to think about different subjects as my mind always wonders about some vivid thoughts about life. In a Sub-conscious, lazy posture laying back on my office chair, I saw a hazy image of Lord Balaji in my mind. Wondering what it was and soon after that, I realised that it was a call from God. I spontaneously decided to make a quick visit to the divine destination “Tirupati the land of lord Balaji”. With much zeal and enthusiasm, I booked the tickets on the very same date.

On the way to the Holy City Tirupati
Picture By: Rishav Singh

On the way to the Holy City Tirupati

My journey started on the 9th of February 2020. I was very curious about and was eagerly waiting for the day of my journey. Finally, the day arrived and with a light travel bag, I boarded my train to Tirupati station. The train arrived at the destination the next day at 10:30 PM at night.

A sound of continuous chanting of mantras made the atmosphere divine. The aura of the place created a soothing sensation in my mind. Without wasting any time I hired an auto to reach Alipri Mettu to start my divine trek from the bottom of seven hills.

Alipiri Mettu which is the place at the foot of the seven hills in Tirupati. It is the best route to climb Tirupati. I deposited my luggage in the counter beside the entrance and started my trek. The sacred journey had started at Gali Gopuram or Narmala Tonda (1st Hill). I collected the Divya Dashanam tickets from TDD counter. On the way, I found Sri Anjaneya Swamy Statue, Deer Park and Lakshmi Narasimha Temple and reached Tirumala at 4:00 AM in the morning. My journey was awesome with lots of divine experiences in climbing uphill step by step.

On the top of the Tirupati
Picture by: Rishav Singh
On the top of the mountain

On reaching the Hilltop, I did not have to wait for long hours in the waiting rooms. I just collected my luggage from the counter. Went to the amenity complex to freshen up and deposited all my belongings in the counter locker. I had breakfast which was very delicious, near the complex. Then I entered the Darshan complex, it took around 3 hours to get through the temple and get a glimpse of Lord Balaji.

The process of darshan was very streamlined. Finally, my turn arrived after 2 hours and I had the darshan of lord Balaji. I felt a Shiver and had Goosebumps all over my body on having the divine darshan of beloved lord Balaji. I then offered my donation in Hundi and stepped aside for prasad. After having Prasad I went to nearby complex to buy some temple Laddu which is very famous and delicious.

With heavy heart I promised lord Balaji that I would often come to visit this divine destination and prayed for the well being.   

Thus my journey ended on a sweet note and blessing of lord Balaji. 

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