The Beauty of Nashik and the Sula Vineyards

One of the four locations, where Kumbh Mela is held & famously known as the Wine Capital of India. Yes, you read that right. There are high chances that for your next glass of wine, Nashik is respectably responsible.
And worldwide the city is famous for the Lord Shiva Temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlings, Trimbakeshwar is located close to 30kms from here.

My journey to this spiritual city is divided into two days.

Sula Vineyards by Astha Rani
Journey Begins from Pune to Nashik

Started from Pune at 6 am & in the next 4 hours, we reached the hotel, located in the centre of the city. Quickly we freshened up & reached the fantabulous Sula Vineyard.
Sula will give you all the vibes you need on a weekend. Spots to relax, sip your favourite wine, with a decent crowd around & click some great pictures to cherish for a lifetime.
This place has been developing well with years & in the season of grapes, it’s more advisable to go since you can see the source of your wine too with all the beauty around. Some entry fees are being charged which can be encashed in the restaurant inside. There is a separate section for wine tasting too. Taste, sip, buy for family & friends is the summary of Sula Vineyard.

Photography By: Astha Rani
On towards Godavari River

Next, we went to the sacred Godavari river near Ramakund. River Godavari referred to as Dakshin Ganga, is the second-largest river in India.
The place also called Panchwati, from the times of Ramayana as told to us by the priests. Many people were taking bath in this pious river with the belief that it’ll wash off all their sins. Next, we climbed up the Kapaleshwar Temple & offered our prayers with all the heart.

The whole environment was very divine. We heard many mythological stories from the people around about Lord Ram, Lakshman & Goddess Sita. Entered the famous Sita Gufa, from where Ravana abducted her, the actual gufa, where you have to keep your head down all the time. Today ACs have been installed inside as it’s so small that suffocation can easily happen to anyone. Its the place too, where Lord Lakshman cut off Shurpnakha’s nose on the order of Lord Ram. Nashik is a mixture of ancient & modern India!

In the evening, we headed to a place, where we could sit & relax, as the day had a lot of exhausting walks.
Someshwar waterfall it was. Though it is a small waterfall with the swift stream, the weather began to be pleasant, less of the crowd & hot corns to devour.
It started raining & we took shelter in a nearby Lord Krishna Temple which was again spread in a very big campus. Went inside the temple, took blessings & moved towards the hotel, calling the day off.

Photograph By: Astha Rani
The Next Day’s Journey

Next morning we got up & were ready to leave the hotel around 5 am so that we could reach Trimbak at the earliest. 30kms away, with minimal traffic, we were at our destination soon. It was drizzling & the way to the temple was serene. Greenery both the ways with only hotels & resorts around. We had to wear jackets as there were fog & cold waves out. We stood in the queue, it was moving fast and we got our chance of darshan. Trimbakeshwar temple is famous for its architecture & sculpture. As we entered for darshan, we saw shivling was all donned with flowers, milk & belpatra. There were many priests inside doing all types of pujas for families. Inside the premises, we did five rounds of the temple chanting Lord Shiva’s name like many others.

As we came out of the temple, we got to know that closeby is the actual origin of river Godavari, in the Brahmagiri hills. On hearing this, we were full of enthusiasm, for that one need to climb close to 700 stairs, which was not in condition, muddy all around, basically a risky climb. We dropped the plan & decided to head back to Pune.

In all, I found Nashik as a holy city. Culturally rich and trying to protect its heritage. Amazing experience to be in this temple city & would surely love to come again!

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