plan your journey with these websites

Plan your journey with these Websites

Whoever said that if you haven’t travelled the world you haven’t lived, was actually telling you the truth. Travelling is not just about going to different places. It’s about taking the journey to experience new things, meeting new people and understanding different cultures. If you just think that travelling is all about going to a place, staying there for a couple of days, seeing the “most famous” things around. Then, unfortunately, you haven’t travelled.

If you really want to travel and explore places nobody has explored before? Then you need to check out these websites for a more adventurous journey.

Gemtrack: Why should you look at this website before travelling? Because they help guide you to a more sustainable journey. Gemtrack travels promise you to show the unexplored places wherever you are travelling to, and that makes it more fun to travel with them.

App Cushy: Cushy is an amazing website because they curate their travels through the help of the locals. So whatever you read on their blogs or on their application that would all be curated by the locals. What is better? Going their and then meeting someone, or talking to a local before your travel? We all know the latter one is correct.

Not on Map: If you are fond of living like a local then Not on Map is the great option for you. They are helping you reach the places tourists don’t usually visit. They are opening doors for the locals to interact with us by letting us stay at their places. So if you are someone who would love to explore a place like a local then this is the right option for you. Also, they have an Instagram page where you can get all the information about them.

Hopper: Are you planning to travel somewhere but you don’t have enough budget to spend on the tickets? Try Hopper, what this website does is, it predicts the prices from various time periods and tells you exactly when should you book the tickets to adhere to your budget. Isn’t that amazing?

Forks And Backpacks: So what does this website do? Forks and Backpacks helps you build an itinerary for your travels. You would just have to fill out a form for them, and then would contact you for more information. If you are too busy to plan your trip yourself, let someone else do it for you.

Well these were some of the websites that you should definitely check out, if you love travelling and want to make your journey more fun and comfortable.

Also if you want more information on some of the other websites, you can definitely check out my blog on the Cushy Website, here.