THE LUGGAGE: Travelling Hacks!

We all love travelling, don’t we? But how many of us love packing? The whole chaos of going through our stuff of what to take and what to wear is what irritates us when we are packing. We generally don’t know the number of clothes we need to carry when it comes to packing. And just to help you with that we have some brilliant packing and travel hacks just for you.

The size of your bag.

Never carry extra luggage. You just don’t have to pay for the extra luggage. It also creates a lot of trouble when you are traveling constantly. So every time plan to take just one suitcase that you can fit in your aeroplane cabinet. If you do that you won’t have to pay for the luggage.


3 T-shirts, 3 Lowers and probably everything in 3 is good. One is drying, one is washed and you are wearing one. This way you always have something to wear and none of your clothes would be dirty.

You can always fold and roll your clothes when it comes to packing. That way they would take less space and you can put other useful things in that saved space in your suitcase.

You can always wear your jackets rather than pack it because they tend to occupy more space.


This point is for all the girls when you are packing your jewellery what you can always do is, take straws to put one part of your necklace into the straw and then hook it with the other end. This way your necklace won’t take much space and it also won’t get tangled.

You can put your piece of jewellery inside the plastic wrap so that it does not move around much and also does not get tangled.

For your rings and earrings, you can always buy those small medicines boxes. This way you can put your rings and ear-rings into that to prevent it from getting lost in your clothes.


Everybody has problems when it comes to packing our shoes. To pack your shoes you can always put them inside a shower cap and that will prevent it from getting the dirt on your clean clothes.


Socks can be very tricky while packing because they never have a specific place. So for your socks, you can put one sock on the other sock and then keep doing that until the time you are done with your socks, later you can always put them in your shoes.

*TIP* To secure your perfume you can put it in the socks and then put more socks on it to prevent it from breaking during the journey. This way you pack two things at the same time

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These are the things I do whenever I am travelling to a new place for my vacations and they help a lot. I really hope these small hacks helped you out. And Keep Travelling.