My visit to the backwaters: Kerala

Kerala: My Visit to the Backwaters

My trip to Kerala was a surprise trip that my Dad had planned in the year 2010. So I stayed in Coimbatore for some days and then started on my beautiful journey to cover all the South Indian states. Sounds amazing right? Kerala was amazing. I chose Kerala because of how it has left an impact on my mind.

The Princess Street in Kerala! Photo by Ramneek Flora


We stayed on the Princess street in Kochi or Cochin. And the hotel was not that costly yet not very cheap but there is one funny incident that I cannot forget about that room. I and my brother we have always had a nature of touching things and probably ruining things as well. So we found a ‘safe’ kept inside the cupboard and we being the notorious lot. We kept putting new passwords and changing that old one. Then one time we forgot the password we kept, I and my brother freaked out and that happens to be our biggest secret till date.

The day we arrived at Kerala we got to our hotel and didn’t do much that day as we were late because of our driver and my dad wanted to click pictures of everything. So we changed our clothes and went out for dinner.

If you don’t like crowded places then Princess Street is not the one for you at night. We had prawns and chicken obviously. The food was a highlight because of its taste and that little hint of coconut in probably everything, seemed pretty good to my taste buds. And the best part of the dinner was that it was so casual to see foreigners dancing on the street while enjoying their Beers. The aura of that scene was amazing.

Morning in Kerala. Photo by: Ramneek Flora

The next day was the best day because we woke up early and went to the beach to look at these huge nets of fishermen and saw people playing in the sand early morning. That was my first experience with beach and I collected shells but I could not carry them with me because my mom would not let me.

The Backwaters

Later that day we went to the backwaters of Kerala, with foreigners (some hot guys as well! ^.^). And it was beautiful, I love water but that place made me crave for land. I had wished at that time if I could stay in Kerala forever. We had to stop for lunch and there we had North Indian food on banana leaves. Again one of my first experience of eating on a banana leaf.

The Backwaters! Photo By: Ramneek Flora

After that, we went to a small village where they made ropes. I got the first-hand experience on how to make ropes, it was an amazing time. 

The Practice of Rope Making. Photo By: Ramneek Flora

We had to leave the next morning for a different place but Kerala sure gave me so many good memories to talk about and share with people. There is just one thing that still bothers me is did anyone ever open that safe again? And I brought back a shell with me, always the rebel kid.