Snow capped mountains

Manali: Valley of the Gods

Like every other teenager, it was my dream as well to see this place of beauty. Goa?? No. Manali. And finally, it came true in January 2020. Probably one great thing that happened before lockdown.
Our college planned a 7 day trip to Delhi and Kulu-Manali and as luck had it I could convince my parents to let me go for the trip.

The journey Begins: Delhi to Manali
The Journey Begins: Delhi to Manali
Photo Courtesy: Aathira

The Journey Begins:

We left for Delhi on the 11th Jan. But it wasn’t Delhi that we had been waiting for. It was Manali. We just wanted our day in Delhi to be over as soon as possible.
On 12th night we left for Manali on a bus. What a ride I must say. From what a ride I mean the more brilliant it was, the same way sick it was. We started having more sick people on the way and it became worrisome after a point. We were supposed to reach our hotel at Manali by noon but due to some reason, we got late.

Hunger was creeping through our bodies and we were tired. It was then my friend Abhinav came up with the rescue. A kettle and several packets of Maggi. Did he foresee this? We wondered. We cooked our Maggi in the kettle inside the bus.
But let me tell you. There was a moment when we saw the one thing that we were longing to see. Yes, snow it was. Our joy knew no bounds we started jumping and dancing on the bus. And by 5 pm we reached our hotel.

Beauty of Manali
Photo Courtesy: Aathira

Beauty of Manali

Everywhere we saw, it was snow. We forgot the fact that we were hungry. We started throwing snow at each other and playing around and laughing. It felt like “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” coming to life.
The next day we went to Solang Valley. What a treat to our eyes it was. The beauty of nature was inexplicable and we were lost in it. The snow-capped valley just looked like vanilla icecream. Beautiful.

We did tier sliding, rode sliding, skiing and ATV motor sliding. It was sooo much fun. While we were leaving Solang valley it started to snow a bit. By the time we reached Hadimba Devi temple, the snowfall had increased to a great level. We experienced that most beautiful sight of snowing and that was unforgettable. It gives me chills down my spine even now.

The next day, on our way to Kulu from Manali we stopped for river rafting. It was such an impromptu plan. We sang songs, screamed and enjoyed without bounds. We had no extra clothes with us and we were all drenched and wet. Later we went to a gurdwara. The peace there was really refreshing. Later on, we did some shopping on the streets of Manali and started our journey back to Delhi that night.
We reached back to Hyderabad on 19th of January. This trip was the most memorable journey of my life and a dream come true.

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