Coorg: Reasons To Visit And Its Evergreen Beauty

If you an ardent fan of natural beauty and a soul who wants to live in the lap of nature. Then Coorg is the perfect destination for you to spend a few relaxing moments in the beautiful lush green environment.

It was the month of December 2019 and I had my training in Bangalore regarding changing work culture scenario incorporates. Well, it was such a boring training that left me pissed off and I had to relax. I had heard about Coorg – a small hill station near Bangalore and wanted to visit that in no time. After checking for the necessary requirements, I made the necessary arrangements for travelling to Coorg “the Scotland of India”.

Coorg Photographed By: Rishav Singh
Photograph By: Rishav Singh
Start of my Journey from Bangalore to Coorg

I hired a taxi from Bangalore. I had chosen the route as Bangalore- Ramanagara- Mandya, Nagarhole Gonikopped to Coorg. This route covers Coorg in 07 hours which is full of lush green forests. Mystic beauties of flora and fauna in an around the roads. You will feel like you are travelling through heaven on earth which is so natural and pure. On my way, I also made a small visit to Nagarhole National Park and Tiger reserve where I saw great wildlife. You can find forest peace which would rejuvenate your mind and body.

Beauty of Coorg By Rishav Singh
Beauty of Coorg By Rishav Singh

Upon reaching Coorg I checked into a luxurious Homestay, Hotel Woodstock Villa which was in Singhsadra Hasur road. The Homestay was located amidst coffee plantation and the atmosphere around was very cool and refreshing. There was also a pond nearby the property which added more beauty to the view. In Coorg, there are many things to do, so I divided my day to visit each spot.

First Day in Coorg: Dubare Elephant Camp

On 1st day I went to Dubare Elephant Camp. It is a beautiful place and there are more than 100 elephants in the camp. Here I spent my time with the elephants by feeding them etc. After that, I went down in the Carrey river water to feel the aura of the place.

Namdroling Monastery in Coorg By Rishav Singh
Namdroling Monastery By Rishav Singh

Then I visited Namdroling Monastery– Namdroling Monastery is an excellent example of the Tibetan architecture. It is over an area of 80 sqm and 40 feet high statue of Genee Padmasambhava, Buddha Shakyamuni and Amitayus the main shrine was in a huge hall where hundreds of monk prayed together. Then I visited the Tibetan market for food & shopping just outside the Monastery and also Raylatuppe Namling Café which is an awesome place for setting back and having the taste of the world’s best coffee.

Second Day in Coorg: Trekking

Coorg has some of the highest peaks in Karnataka. The scenic beauty of Coorg makes trekking good. The place is charming and it has good weather. I visited Mandalpatti, it is also known as the market of the cloud. It is a place where you will find yourself surrounded by big Cotton clouds. It is a gem of Karnataka with lush green surrounding and majestic venues over the hilltop.

Then after that, I visited Omkareshwara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva of Hindu mythology. It is famous for its mix architecture. My whole day was spent in trekking to and fro and I was very tired by the evening so decided to have dinner in the famous restaurant of Coorg. I went to Raintree which is famous for the best local food and had Koli curry and Appam which was awesome and the ambience of the restaurant was also very much unique and cool.

Inside Namdroling Monastery in Coorg By Rishav Singh
Last Day in Coorg: Scotland of India 

On the last day of my visit to Coorg, I visited coffee plantation estates in and around Madikeri lawn where you can see plantation & learn about the process of making coffee. The tour lasted for an hour. The estates were full of lust green scenic beauty filled with mystic and a nice aroma of coffee beans.

Lastly, I would say that my three days visit to Coorg was very awesome and I was in heaven on earth where I could find full greenery with coffee aroma in and around. It’s a perfect place to visit and feel what nature has to offer to mankind. With my heart left around the jungles of Coorg and mind full of memories, I returned back to Bangalore and yes it was amazing to be in  SCOTLAND OF INDIA.

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