Become a Global Citizen with Gemtrack Travel

How often do we hear about travel stories that comprise slow, sustainable and united experiences? Not very often. But Gemtrack travel has you covered with such unique experience stories. In other words, one such story is Global Citizenship.

Gemtrack is all about being responsible for travelling, without hurting the environment and exploring places that are not famous but worth your time. Discovering their culture, customs and the local essence of the destination.

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Concept of global citizenship, gems and destination guides:

Global Citizenship:  A person can become a global citizen through community building at 3 levels: local, national and global.  Gemtrack thrives to seek a integrate exciting experiences with positive impact and exploring slow and sustainable travel.

Destination guides: These destination guides will guide you through your journey. The guides help you from finding accommodation to places where you can find your soul. They also connect you with local changemakers who are dedicated towards sustainability, ethical living and conscious consumerism.

Gem: You can become a Gem for Gemtrack travel if you know your city and your place. besides, You can discover more sustainable options around you and maybe guide people to visit those places rather than going to the same hustle-bustle of the city visited by everyone.

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The six pillars of global citizenship

The Gemtrack explains the six pillars which are the basis of global citizenship:

  • Engaging and exchanging: Coming from a different part of the world, having a chance to know the local community, culture and stories is a deep satisfaction one can ever experience. Connecting to the locals, learning new skills, participating in movements contribute to the collective welfare.
  • Slowing down: having a break from all the pressure of checking out all the famous places and rather enjoying the moment with an immersive experience.
  • Being informed: educating yourself about the local culture, customs, negative effects of tourism. Knowing about the movements and organizations that can bring a positive change.
  • Environmentally friendly choices: preserving the environment of the places you visit and protecting the environment with sustainable choices.
  • Supporting the local community:  by shopping local, local communities would get benefitted from tourism. Ultimately the local economy would earn the benefits.
  • Learning from locals and fellow travellers:  one will learn different concepts, developing new ideas and perspectives towards life when they travel. This way travellers help each other build united, compassionate communities across the world.
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Destinations where gemtrack can guide you through:

Bali Brazil Colombia Goa Guatemala Italy Java Laos Lombok Mexico Nepal Netherlands Portugal South Africa South Korea Sri Lanka Sumatra Sweden.

Therefore when you travel to these destinations make sure you get in touch with Gemtrack and have a slow, sustainable and united traveling experience. And you can also experience how they are making a change, you would get lots to learn from their work.

Above all Gemtrack is making great progress in this world and are working hard to develop the concept of Global Citizenship. Similarly you can take a step forward and help them too.

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