5 places to find the best Biryani in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is prominently known for it’s biryani. The Hyderabadi biryani needs no real introduction. It is the staple to the locals and the go-to dish for the tourists.

Biryani has been a part of Hyderabadi cuisine tradition for close to 400 years. they say biryani is from Persia, having its title origin from there only.  Some believe it to be an invention of the Mughal Royal Kitchen, while others say that the DUM concept belongs originally to Bengal.

Like any other food, the biryani has been customized according to local tastes and flavours. Hyderabadi Biryani is characteristically distinct. The aroma, taste, tender meat, everything gives it a distinguished appearance.

Here are some restaurants where you can satisfy your biryani cravings:


Café bahar located in Himayat nagar, serves the authentically delicious biryani. The taste, aroma and warmth of it make a direct way to your heart.

Bawarchi Restaurant:

Bawarchi Restaurant, RTC cross roads has the yummiest biryani and satisfies your tastebuds right away. It is the only branch with an amazing ambience.

Photo by alleksana from Pexels
Hotel Shadab:

Hotel shadab, madina circle, famous not just for biryani but also for other authentic dishes like kebabs, Haleem etc. It is must go place to all the biryani lovers. If you’re visiting Charminar then you know, from where to fill your belly.

Shah ghouse:

Shah ghouse, Gachibowli is a go-to for different kinds meat biryani of amazing flavours with authentic spices. It definitely has a “love at first bite” taste.

Pista House:

Pista house has various branches and all of them maintain great standards in terms of taste and ambiance, the quality which makes customers visit them again and again. It serves more amount of meat compared to other restaurants.

Photo by Rajesh TP from Pexels

So next time you’re in Hyderabad and want to satisfy your biryani cravings, you know where to go. In case if you have been to all of these, let us know which one is your favourite?

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